Hello and welcome,

Our blog arose from the gratitude we feel towards all of our supporters, in this, we want to acknowledge and give thanks to every person that directly or indirectly has contributed to the creation of Hi-Vis Women Australia.

My Co Director Rebecca Carrick and I have been exploring the needs of all of the stakeholders in the Building and Construction marketplace for almost two years, which lead us to create Hi-Vis Women Australia. Throughout our journey we have been lucky enough to meet with amazing people that not only have supported us to make our dream doable, but have also become our mentors.

The Hi-Vis Women’s mentoring program is being embraced equally by men and women across our Industry and government, relationships which have informed us to be confident that the strategies we have developed over the last two years are real solutions with tangible outcomes.

We are very excited for this new beginning. Specially, we want to acknowledge and give thanks to The Chamber of Commerce of Western Australia, who not only has been a constant and informative mentor on how to promote trades to females and support small businesses, but also has helped us fund our website. In addition, we want to give a massive thank you to Dr Megan LeClus for her insight and humour, to Tradeswomen Australia for donating the proceeds from the Cubby Auction, and to our volunteers, who are now my best friends and my respect for them is enormous.

We are looking forward to 2019. If you want to be part of the solution please join us and share your stories too!

Best regards,