Why Join Us?

Hi-Vis Women Australia is leading the way in creating opportunities for and empowering women in the building and construction industry.



Connect with us to explore your choices and pathways into the building and construction industry.

Get experience

Build your skills and gain real-world experience across business, administration and each relevant trade.

Find a mentor

Join our mentoring program for guidance and support throughout your journey.

The Solution

Cultural change

We’re demolishing existing bias and sharing our career path with our daughters in the same way that men have for generations.

Social change

Driving an industry-wide focus on positive change and recruiting more women across all kinds of jobs within building and construction.

Economic change

High-Vis Women are addressing skills shortages and unemployment by increasing enrolment and education facilities for our industry.

All-Female Build


“Hi-Vis Women Australia is a remarkable social enterprise, with a very passionate leadership group. Cbus is well aware of the need to assist in the development of gender equality, in particular the opportunities created for women in the construction industry. We understand only too well the extremely low numbers of women working in the construction industry and the initiative shown by Linda, Rebecca and the rest of the Hi-Vis team to provide real opportunities for women is one that should be commended and recognised for its potential to create change.

I am truly happy and excited by the opportunities Hi-Vis is creating and offer my continued support. The strong values and real outcomes created by the team will allow many more men and women to understand the huge array of amazing career opportunities for women in the built environment”.